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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I cancel my policy?
If you want to cancel, you can write to us with the date you want your policy cancelled, and ideally, the reason why. You need to make sure that you return your current certificate of insurance or covernote. In some cases we can terminate policies verbally, over the phone, however we would still need you to return your certificate of insurance or covernote in order for any refund to be released. The adviser will inform you of any refund, or any additional payment due, following the cancellation.
Why do I owe money even though my policy is cancelled?
If you chose to pay by instalments, it may be that the charges made by your insurer and us are greater than the amount you have paid so far. Insurers sometimes charge on a short-period basis, meaning that the charge is not directly proportionate to the amount of time covered on the policy.
Will I get a refund if my policy is cancelled?
Insurers all have different cancellation charges and not all policies will allow a refund. Call our customer service line for further information.
Why can't my partner cancel my policy when I have sold the vehicle?
We cannot cancel the policy until we have verbal or written confirmation from the policyholder that they wish to end the Insurance. This is as per our Terms of Business supplied to all customers.
I still have the vehicle in my possession but I want to cancel the policy - what can I do?
If the vehicle is still in your possession then it is standard company procedure to ask for a small letter advising the reason for cancellation and the Certificate of Insurance in order to end the policy. This can either be posted or sent to us via email.
What proof do I send in from the DVLA to confirm I have sold the vehicle or declared it off road?
We will accept a letter from the DVLA advising you are not the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle. If the vehicle has been declared off the road then we can accept either a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) receipt from the Post Office or again a letter from the DVLA advising that the vehicle is off the road.
How come when you go ahead with a policy you are not advised of the possible cancellation charges?
The cancellation figures are not part of what have to be advised to you when you take the policy out, which is why we send the policy booklet out to you and also offer the 14-day cooling off period.
Can I freeze my policy whilst I look for another vehicle?
Unfortunately you cannot freeze or suspend a policy whilst you are looking for a replacement vehicle. Most Insurance Companies will however allow a 14-day period to either change your vehicle or end the insurance. On the 14th day, if no advices are received from yourself then the policy will be cancelled in accordance with a final seven days' notice sent to your last advised address, as per the Insurance Company's policy booklet.
I have protected no claims bonus, so will my policy be affected by a claim that is my fault?
Each insurer have their own set of rules on how many claims are allowed before you lose your protected bonus benefit. A fault or pending claim on your policy history may increase future premiums, as it represents a higher risk to the insurers.
I have received third party correspondence, what should I do?
This should be forwarded, unanswered, to us. Should we have any questions or requirements we will contact you upon its receipt.
If I have an accident and don't want to make a claim, do I still have to notify my insurer?
Yes, it is always advisable to tell your insurer of any incident the insured vehicle is involved in, so that your file is always fully updated - even if no claim is to be made.
What is the excess?
The excess on a policy is the amount you are required to pay to your insurance company before they will pay out for any claim. If your excess is £100 on your policy, this means that you will have to pay the first £100 before your insurance company will make any contributions.
Why do I have to pay my excess if an accident is not my fault?
If you have to make a claim from your policy then your excess is payable. You can often reclaim this, depending on the circumstances.
Do I get a refund if I've had a claim?
If a claim is either pending (or has been settled against you) in the current period of insurance, the insurers will not allow a refund. For clients paying by instalments, this means that the instalments must continue to be paid until the premium is paid in full.
If I have a total loss claim do I still need to cancel the policy?
If you have a total loss claim on your policy then certain Insurance Companies may allow you to change your vehicle. Please contact our Customer Service department and they will advise you if this is possible and what the best course is to take.
If there was a claim and my motorcycle was being repaired, would I receive a courtesy bike to use?
This depends on your Insurance Company and we advise you to contact our Claims Department to discuss.
How long will my covernote or certificate take to arrive?
Under normal circumstances, your covernote will be sent immediately after we take payment. We will either email or post your covernote/certificate first class, depending on how you prefer to receive correspondence from us.
I've lost my certificate or cover note, what can I do?
Contact us as soon as possible. We can offer Special Delivery at a surcharge if your documents are needed urgently. We would advise that you contact us several days in advance if you need to tax your vehicle in the near future.
Why do you need driving licence check codes?
We ask for driving licence check codes on many policies, including all that are purchased via online sources, to check not only that you hold the correct licence type to ride your vehicle, but also any motoring convictions, dates of birth, full names, driving restrictions and country issued. We will also need the last eight characters of your driving licence number. This is for all riders named on the policy. If you live in Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, or the Isle of Man, the DVLA’s check code service isn’t available to you, and we will instead request a copy of your counterpart driving licence as well as a copy of both sides of your photocard driving licence.
DVLA Check Code - How to obtain one
I'm going on a European tour this summer, can I get cover for that?
Yes, ALL of our policies have a minimum of 30 days European cover, while others have a full years' worth. We also offer a full UK and European breakdown service called Flux Rescue.
Do you offer breakdown cover?

We offer full UK and European breakdown cover. It's got all the bells and whistles:

  • Hire bike (of a similar sort)
  • Home start
  • Puncture repair
  • Recovery
  • Transport to your destination, back home, or to a garage
  • Accident recovery
  • Emergency accommodation costs
  • Rail fares
  • Sea crossing fares

Policy Booklet (274kb PDF)

I've recently bought some new bike gear, can this be insured too?

Yes, we offer a "Helmet and Leather" policy which covers your gear for the first £1,000. It doesn't matter what the gear is, Arai, Shoei, Roof, Alpinestars, Sidi, RST, Wolf... anything. This also has a separate excess, so claiming on this will have no effect on your No Claims Bonus.

Helmet and Leather Policy Booklet (285kb PDF)

What if I'm injured in a bike accident?
We offer personal accident cover, that, in the event of a serious injury, or worse still - death, could pay out up to £12,500. Naturally, you'd hope to never need this cover, but at £17 per year, how can you justify not taking it?
I'm worried about the legal costs that an accident might incur. Do you offer any protection for this?
Yes, every one of the policies we sell has £50,000 worth of legal cover included. We feel that this is really important, so we don't charge you for it. It's completely FREE.
I'm worried that if I have an accident, I'll be left on my own to chase the insurer, is that likely?
No, this will NOT happen, we have our own in-house claims team that will chase the insurer on your behalf, to ensure you receive the very best service.
MyBikesure - Managing Your Policy Online
How do I register to get access to my policy online?

If you ever logged into our previous system, we’ve moved your account over to the new one; your password will have expired so you’ll just need to reset it to log back in.

Currently, MyBikesure is only available for our motor policies, but we’re working on including our whole range of policies in the future.

If it’s your first time using MyBikesure and you’ve recently renewed or started a new policy with us, we’ll have sent you an email inviting you to register which includes your unique invitation link. If you’ve been with us for a while, don’t worry; until you’ve got an active account, any emails you get will include your invitation link to MyBikesure.

Once you’ve clicked the link, it’ll take you to our registration page, where you’ll be asked to enter your mobile number and hit the ‘Request activation code’ button. Stay on that web page; we’ll send you a text straight away which includes your six-digit activation code. Enter this code in the next box that appears and click ‘Confirm’.

Two more boxes will appear; one will suggest a username for you, which you can keep or change. The other will ask you to enter a password (see below if you need information about our password rules).

Finally, click ‘Create account’ and you’re done! We’ll redirect you to your account so you can have a look around.

How do I log in?

Normally, when you log in you’ll just need to enter your username and password. If you’re registering for the first time or resetting your password, you’ll need to use the mobile you added to your policy so you can access the activation code we’ll text to that number.

How do I get a password?

If you need to register for the first time, there’s instructions above to help. If you’re already signed up but have forgotten your password, it’s easy to reset. Visit the Password Reset page and enter your username as well as the mobile number on your policy. We’ll send you a text with a six-digit activation code, which you should enter in the box below. You can then choose a new password.

What are the rules for setting a password?

Your password must have:

Minimum length of 10 characters At least 1 uppercase letter At least 1 lowercase letter At least 1 number At least 1 symbol - relevant symbols are !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][]^_`{|}~€

Depending on the password you choose, you may see a message warning that it appears on a database of passwords previously exposed in data breaches. We would recommend choosing a different password if you see this message, but you can choose to continue by clicking ‘Continue with insecure password’.

What’s my username?

You can choose your own username when you first register for access to your online account; many people choose their email address. If you’ve forgotten your username, try old email addresses first, and if not, get in touch with us to ask for a username reminder.

Does MyBikesure work on a mobile device?

Yes! You can sign in on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all the functionality on MyBikesure on the go.

JavaScript is disabled on my browser. Can I still use MyBikesure?

You’ll need to enable JavaScript to be able to use MyBikesure - check your browser settings allow this if you’re having trouble loading the site.

Why is my account locked?

If you try to enter an incorrect password five times in a row, your account will be locked, and you’ll need to reset your password.

If you try to reset your password unsuccessfully five times in a row (i.e. the password reset isn’t completed or you enter the wrong activation code), your account will be locked fully and you’ll need to contact us to get it unlocked.

Why do I get an ‘Access denied (Error: 1020)’ error when I’m trying to get to a MyBikesure url?

The location software used by our firewall provider Cloudflare recognises where your Internet Protocol address (IP address) is situated, and blocks any outside the region we allow. Seeing this error means it has identified your IP address as being outside that allowed region.

You can access MyBikesure from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Christmas Island, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Ilse of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

If you’re abroad somewhere not listed above, you’ll need to wait until you return before accessing MyBikesure. If you need to take action on your policy or speak to us before then, please contact us by phone on 0344 381 6503 or by email at [email protected]

Not abroad, but still seeing this error? It could be that you or other members of your household are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which often route your internet traffic through servers based all over the world. Switching this off or changing it to specify an IP address based in one of the above places when you want to access MyBikesure should fix the problem.

Where can I read my policy documents?

Log into your MyBikesure account. If there’s something new for you to read, there’ll be a notification waiting for you - you can click on the bell icon at the top right, and then click the notification to link straight to your inbox. Otherwise, you can get to your inbox by clicking on the policy you want documents for, then selecting ‘Inbox’ from the menu options on the left-hand side.

Where is my certificate/schedule/policy booklet?

Once you’ve logged into your MyBikesure account and selected the policy you need documents for, navigate to ‘Inbox’ using the menu options on the left-hand side. Your current or most recent policy certificate and schedule will be pinned at the top, along with your policy booklet.

You emailed me to say I had something to read but I can’t find it

Log into your MyBikesure account. If there’s something new for you to read, there’ll be a notification waiting for you - you can click on the bell icon at the top right, and then click the notification to link straight to your inbox. Otherwise, you can get to your inbox by clicking on the policy you want documents for, then selecting ‘Inbox’ from the menu options on the left-hand side. Anything you haven’t read yet will have a blue dot next to it.

I’m using a Samsung browser - why can’t I download the documents in my inbox?

The Samsung browser blocks ‘automatic downloads’ as a default setting, and you’ll need to switch this off to download your documents. In your browser, go to the browser settings and select ‘Sites and downloads’. Scroll down to the option for ‘Block automatic downloads’, and make sure it’s switched off.

Alternatively, using another browser should allow you to download your documents as well.

Which browsers can I use?

You should be able to use MyBikesure on most up to date browsers, but it’s optimised for use with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. It’s best to make sure your browser is updated frequently to keep MyBikesure and all your other sites running smoothly. If you’re using the Samsung browser, please see above for information on how to download your documents.

Why can’t you just email me directly?

MyBikesure has been designed by the team at Bikesure to be a hub where our customers can see and manage every aspect of their insurance policies. Here you can access all the information you need to manage your policies, from your welcome documents to your downloadable certificate, schedule and policy booklet, from checking information about your named drivers to updating your phone number.

Often when we send you a message there’s an action we’ll need you to take; returning paperwork, paying for a renewal, or getting in touch with us. By sending you correspondence via your inbox, you’re already in the best place to do that. It also means there’s no risk of you losing your documents to an email outage, and our policy summary and notification system help you to see what you need quickly and clearly.

It’s also more secure; MyBikesure is protected by Cloudflare, as well as our own username, password, and activation code requirements for keeping your login private. Using an online inbox is a practice being followed by many institutions governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), including many banks who offer online services.

I've completed my paperwork online, when will I hear from you?

Our administration team processes all the paperwork our customers return in date order. As soon as yours has been processed, they will notify you, either by sending confirmation that your policy is complete, or by contacting you if anything else is needed. Whether your forms are complete or not, we will always contact you to let you know.

How do I upload more than one item for each document required?

You may have multiple supporting files to submit where we’re asking for one document - for example, you might want to send us two separate scans of a double-sided No Claims Bonus document. You can put multiple files into a zip folder - if you’re using Windows, select each file you want to include, then right-click and select ‘Send to’ and ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. You can then upload this zipped folder.

What files can you accept?

File types supported are .doc .docx .gif .jpeg .jpg .pdf .png .tif .tiff .xls .xlsx – we accept a maximum file size of 10mb and a maximum of 27 files./

Can I view who can drive my car?

Yes - once you’ve logged in, select the policy you want to check and choose ‘Policy summary’ from the menu options. There will be a drop down box called ‘Drivers’ which shows all the people named as drivers, as well as their individual details and vehicle use.

Can I add a driver/rider, change my vehicle, or add a second vehicle on my online account?

We always make sure that a person has looked at the changes you want to make, rather than just a computer. This helps us make sure you’re getting the cover you need at the best price. You can request changes on MyBikesure - select the policy you want and choose the ‘Request a change’ menu option. A pop-up box will appear - you’ll need to read through the information and tick a box to confirm you’ve read and understood that any changes you request are only a request until you hear back from us with confirmation. After that, you can use the drop down boxes to provide information about changes you’d like to request, including a change of address, changing driver/rider details, changing your vehicle or adding a new one.

Once you’ve submitted your request, it will be sent to us where a member of staff will review it and contact you.

When is my renewal due?
We will contact you at least 2 weeks before you renewal is due, to advise you of the costs to reinsure your vehicle for the next year. Please note that the expiry date and time of your Insurance is also shown on your Certificate of Insurance.
If my friend paid for my Insurance does this mean you will automatically debit their card for my renewal?
We will only debit the card details held if they are in the policyholder's name.
Payment Options
How can I pay?
However you like. We accept all major credit or debit cards; alternatively you could send cash, a cheque, or postal orders. We also offer an instalment plan, whereby you can spread the payment over two, three, four or ten months.
Have I paid for my direct debits yet?
Please contact our Customer Service department who will be able to advise of how many, if any, direct debit instalments are outstanding.
Can I add a rider to my policy?
Yes, it is usually possible to add a rider, however it is all dependent on their details and the type of policy that you have. We would need full rider information including any previous claims and convictions. Naturally, they too would need the relevant licence for the vehicle in question.
How would I go about making a change to my policy?
You could contact our Customer Service team, who would find the most competitive insurer for you. This could well be your current insurer, or it may be beneficial to cancel your policy and place you with an alternative insurer. Full advice would be given to you during the call.
My bike has been modified, would you need to know and would it affect the cost?
Yes, we would need to know about any modifications to the bike, as this may affect the insurance premium depending on the level of modifications. However, we can cover virtually ANY modification. It's also worth noting that things like End Cans, Huggers, Belly Pans, Seat Cowls and Double Bubble Screens are no problem, so long as the bike is still road legal.
Do I need to tell you if any of my details change?
Yes, it would be very important to tell us about any changes, as it may have an effect on the validity of your insurance. Things to tell us might include:
  • A change of address
  • A change of garaging arrangements
  • Any convictions, points or bans
  • The intended use of the vehicle (i.e. commuting, business)
  • If the vehicle details have changed (registration number, alarm, modifications etc)
When do I qualify for protected No Claims Bonus?
Each insurer has their own ruling, generally you must have at least four years' no claims bonus to be able to protect it although some will protect with just one year. Often we can protect your no claims bonus at renewal, free of charge.
I need to tax my vehicle?
To get tax on a vehicle, you need a valid M.O.T certificate, and proof of insurance - either a certificate or a covernote. However, you can also get your tax online, using your insurance policy number.
I've been asked to supply four photos of my bike for an agreed value. What do I need to do?
You need to send us four recent colour photographs of your bike. These need to consist of photographs of your vehicle taken square on showing each side, front and rear with one including the registration number. Please ensure that there are no obstructions on any of the photographs, for example, a person or an object placed in front of the vehicle. If you have a digital camera, you'd be more than welcome to email them to us, or compile them on to a disc and send that instead.
I've received my policy documents and the schedule shows a different amount to what I have paid, why is this?
The schedule of cover only shows the basic Insurance premium and does not include any fees or optional extras you may have on your policy.
I've moved to a better area but there is an additional premium due, why am I being charged?
Each Insurance Company rates the areas differently, so whilst one company may offer a refund for moving, another may charge an additional premium. How the vehicle is being kept could also affect the policy, for example if it was being kept in the garage at the previous address but is now kept on the driveway at the new address, this may affect the premium.
My friend who is the same age as me has got a cheaper quotation, why was I not offered this rate?
There are many different factors that may affect the policy price such as age, address, the type of vehicle insured and whether there are any claims or convictions. Small details such as occupation may also affect it. Each little piece of information affects your policy, which is why we must be informed if anything changes.
How come your company does not call customers to advise them that their policy is due to be cancelled or that it is up for renewal?
It is not company procedure to call every client that is due to be cancelled or their policies lapsed; instead we are now emailing and text messaging clients, where possible, to advise that their policy is about to end as well as sending out the reminder letters.
When I ask for a change of bike but it doesn't fit that particular Insurance Company's criteria and I have to cancel my current policy to start a new one, why do I lose my current No Claims Bonus?
No Claims Bonus can only be earned on a policy that has run for a full consecutive 12 months and if your change of vehicle does not meet the Insurance Company's criteria then we have no choice but to place your policy with a new Insurance Company and begin earning that year's No Claims Bonus again, however we should be able to transfer any full years' No Claims Bonus you may already have.
What does NCD stand for?

This stands for "No Claims Discount". You earn a year's NCD for every full year of a policy in which no claims are made either by you or a third party. Some policies, such as classic car policies, are not based on NCD and so at the end of such a policy you would not have gained any NCD. Only the main policyholder earns NCD. NCD is also sometimes referred to as NCB - No Claims Bonus.

Can I use someone else's No Claims Bonus?

In the majority of cases, the NCB that you use to gain a discount on your policy with us must have been earned on a policy in your name. If the policy was in someone else's name, but you were the named driver, you would not have earned your own NCB. You may qualify for an introductory discount instead, so please let us know if this is the case when you are getting your quotation.

Very occasionally NCB can be transferred to another person, however, you would need to discuss this with the quotations clerk who is dealing with your quotation prior to you accepting the policy. This is not common practice though and would only be available is the underwriters of the policy agree.

We advise discussing your NCB options in detail before accepting your quotation, so we can find the most appropriate policy for you depending on your driving experience.

When does my No Claims Bonus go out of date?

If your NCB expired over 2 years before the start date of your policy, you generally cannot use it. Please ensure that you discuss this with us when getting your quotation, as an additional premium would need to be paid if your NCB cannot be used if your quotation was based on it being in date.

There are some policies where NCB is not earned, but they will allow you to keep it up to date. If you are unsure about this, speak to the provider of the policy you had and ask. Of course, it is best to discuss your NCB options in detail before accepting your quotation, so we can find the most appropriate policy for you depending on your driving experience.

Can I use No Claims Bonus that I earned outside of the United Kingdom?

We need to know what country your NCB was earned in as it can affect your quotation. The majority of underwriters will accept NCB only from the United Kingdom. We do have some schemes where we can accept NCB from other selected countries, so it is important that we are informed of the origins of your NCB before you accept the quotation. We can then make sure you have the right policy for your driving experience.

If the NCB is not from the United Kingdom but you have told us that it is, you would either have to pay an additional premium or your policy could be cancelled.

I don't know how many years NCB I have

If you are unsure of how many years NCB you have, you need to speak to your most recent insurance company and ask for details. If you have more than one vehicle insured at a time, you can't add the two lots of NCB together to make additional years – they remain as two separate lots of NCB.

Can I use motorcycle or commercial No Claims Bonus on a car policy, or vice versa?

As a general rule, the type of No Claims Bonus that you use on a policy must be the same as the type of vehicle that you are insuring. So, motorcycle NCB would not be acceptable on a private car policy, or commercial NCB would not be acceptable for a motorcycle policy.

The underwriters like to ensure that you have experience on the type of vehicle that you are insuring.

If you only have a type of NCB that is different to the type of vehicle you want to insure, please discuss this with us when getting your quotation. We may be able to find a suitable policy for your needs and driving experience.

Why do you ask for No Claims Bonus proof?

NCB can allow quite a large discount as it shows a good driving history. This must be proven to allow the discount. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is on the increase and we want to protect our clients from price rises caused by it by verifying documents such as NCB, driving licences and other important information.

Do I have to wear any safety clothing whilst on my quad?
There are no laws about wearing a helmet on a quad, although we would advise you to wear one for your own protection.
Do I have to wear any safety clothing whilst on my motorcycle?
You must wear a helmet at all times on your motorcycle in accordance with the law. However you are not required to wear protective clothing although we advise you to wear it for your protection.
Can I carry pillion passengers on my quad and do they have to wear any safety clothing?
You can carry pillion passengers on your quad provided that it is suitable for an additional rider. However pillions do not have to wear a crash helmet, although we do advise them to wear one for their protection.
When can I carry pillions on my motorcycle?
You can carry pillions on your motorcycle provided that you are over 17 and hold either a Full Motorcycle Licence, a Light Motorcycle licence or a full car licence dated from before 01/02/2001 if your vehicle is under 50cc. Please note that this only applies if your vehicle is suitable to carry pillions. If unsure, we recommend you contact the DVLA for clarification.
Why do I need to use a Sold Secure or Thatcham approved locking device?
Some Insurance Companies may require you to use either a Sold Secure or Thatcham approved locking device whenever the vehicle is not in use. These are most commonly a disc-lock or lock and chain. If you do not use one when required this may invalidate any claim you may have.
Where can I get a Sold Secure or Thatcham approved locking device?
You can purchase a Sold Secure or Thatcham approved locking device from most motorcycle dealers.
My policy confirms that I need to keep my vehicle garaged whenever I am not using it; what if I go to a friend's house and leave it in their drive - am I then not covered?
Depending on your policy and who you are insured with, if there is a garage clause on your policy then this applies to the designated garaging or home address and possibly the surrounding area. We advise that you either check your policy booklet or call our office for clarification.
What We Do
Do you insure quads?
Yes, we insure virtually any quad that is available to buy. However, there are a couple of conditions:
  • Our quad insurance schemes start at 19 years old.
  • Between the ages of 19-21, maximum quad engine size is 350cc.
Do you insure trikes?
Yes, we insure a wide range of trikes, up to £30,000 worth, from 50cc mobility vehicles, to 7-litre V8's. For us to insure your trike, all you need is a full car or bike licence.
Can you cover my cherished Harley Davidson?
Absolutely. We've yet to come across a Harley we couldn't cover, from standard 883 Sportsters to heavily customised, high value, one of a kind bikes. We offer a range of benefits for this kind of vehicle, and can accommodate even the most unusual requirements:
  • Agreed values up to £32,500
  • Limited mileages
  • Modifications
  • Imports and classics
I've got quite an unusual, high value cruiser. Is this going to be a problem?
No, not at all. We cover pretty much any cruiser you can throw at us. Indian Dakotas, a Triumph Rocket III, Yamaha Wildstars, Ural's, Victory's... all of them!
What if my bike is an import?
No worries. As long as the bike is road legal, and you have a licence to ride it, it's all good.
I'm 16 years old, and I'm trying to insure my scooter, can you help?
Of course. As long as you have a provisional licence, and have completed or booked your CBT, we can help you out.
I've got a heavily modified bike; it started life as a Bandit, but it's now a completely modified Streetfighter. Can you help me out?
Yes, definitely! We can insure virtually any Streetfighter, whether it's a GSXR 7/11 with a Martek frame, or a supercharged big-bore Bandit, with a jack up kit, and USD forks, no problem. We can even cover:
  • Turbo charged bikes
  • Supercharged bikes
  • Bikes with NOS modifications
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Custom hardtail chops
  • Agreed value
I've got a small collection of bikes to insure, do you offer multi-bike insurance?
Yes, we do. Any small collection of standard bikes is fine, although bikes with extremely high values, or modified bikes, would need to be insured seperately.
Can I insure my bike online?
Yes, we at Bikesure have moved into the 21st century. You can insure your bike online at any time - day or night! Visit to get a quote.
Does the policy entitle me to ride anybody else's bike?
Usually yes, although there are conditions to this. It is usually dependent on:
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Conviction history
  • Licence type

Assuming you do qualify for this benefit, the cover on other people's vehicles is usually restricted to Third Party cover.
Can I change my quad policy to a motorcycle policy?
Please contact our Customer Service department who will be able to advise you of the best course to take.
Can I ride my quad on a full Motorcycle Licence?
If you passed your full motorcycle test before 01/10/2000 then you should have automatically been given the category B1 on your driving licence, this entitles the licence holder to ride 4 wheel vehicles up to a maximum weight of 550kg - so essentially most quads. If you're unsure we recommend you contact the DVLA and they will be able to advise you whether or not you hold this benefit.
What does Comprehensive cover actually cover me for?
Under Comprehensive cover you are insured against:
  • Liability for death of or injury to third parties (including passengers)
  • Liability for damage to property
  • Liability of passengers to other parties
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle as a result of fire or theft
  • Legal costs
  • Accidental damage to the vehicle
What does Third Party Fire and Theft actually cover me for?
Under Third Party Fire and Theft cover you are insured against:
  • Liability for death of or injury to third parties (including passengers)
  • Liability for damage to property
  • Liability of passengers to other parties
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle as a result of fire or theft
What does Third Party actually cover me for?
Under Third Party cover you are insured against:
  • Liability for death of or injury to third parties (including passengers)
  • Liability for damage to property
  • Liability of passengers to other parties
Travelling Abroad
Does my policy cover me for foreign use?

Most of our motor insurance schemes allow some foreign travel, often with restrictions on the duration and/or number of trips within the period of cover. The details of the conditions relating to your foreign travel cover can be found in your policy booklet, your Certificate of Insurance and your policy Schedule.

Do I need a Green Card when driving abroad?

You don’t need a Green Card if you’re driving in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and/or Switzerland.

In other countries, you may need a Green Card and additional insurance to show you’re covered.

What documentation will I need to carry when driving abroad?

When travelling abroad you should carry your driving licence, your Certificate of Motor Insurance for each vehicle, and a GB sticker on your vehicle. Some countries also require an international driving permit (IDP) – it’s important to check at abroad/international-driving-permit before you travel.

If you’re travelling outside the EU/EEA, you may also need a Green Card (one per vehicle, including a separate one for a trailer or caravan) – check for details on the countries you’re visiting.

Would I be covered by Legal Expenses Cover if I drive abroad?

Yes, provided there is a UK handling agent for the third party’s insurer. If this is not the case your Legal Expenses cover won’t be able to assist you.

I live in Northern Ireland; do I need a Green Card to drive in the Republic of Ireland?

No, you don’t need a Green Card to travel between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

How can I get a Green Card?

Contact us in good time before you intend to travel – preferably a few weeks before – with your dates of travel and a list of the countries you intend to drive in and through, and we will post you a Green Card for those dates and countries. There may be an administration fee for issuing a Green Card.

Do I need a Green Card for each vehicle on my multi-vehicle policy?

Yes, a Green Card is required to cover each vehicle insured under a policy, so you’ll need a Green Card for each individual vehicle included in a multi-vehicle policy that you intend to drive abroad.